Frequently Asked Questions

What's a deposit?

  • Deposit is an amount blocked (pre-donated) on your credit card when renting a vehicle.

What is preauthorization?

  • Preauthorization is to reserve a certain amount of funds on your credit card during the period during which the vehicle is leased and depends on the type of vehicle.

Does a credit card have to be in the name of the main driver?

  • The main driver is the holder of the lease contract and is solely responsible for the vehicle during the lease, but there is a possibility that the main driver and the cardholder will not be the same person, in which case the cardholder is present when the vehicle is taken over and he/she should have an ID/passport with him/her.

Minimum age for renting a vehicle?

  • The driver driving the vehicle for the duration of the lease shall have a valid driving licence and shall be free from limitations as regards the years of the driver.

Which credit cards do we accept?

  • You can use any card (debit and credit) and cash for payment, but the deposit requires a credit card – VISA, MasterCard, Diners.

What is participation in damage?

  • Participation in the damage is the maximum amount of liability for the vehicle (even if the damage caused on the vehicle is much greater than that amount), but provided that clients comply with the general conditions of the vehicle lease contract.

What is SCDW?

  • SCDW is the insurance of a car body without mechanical parts and theft (only the vehicle is insured)

What is WUG?

  • WUG is a wheel, chassis and glass insurance.

The possibility of travelling beyond Croatia's borders?

  • For remuneration it is possible to drive a rented car outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia.

What's one way fee?

  • One way fee is a fee paid in the event of the takeover and/or return of vehicles at different locations, in different cities or in another country.

Why does the reservation say or something like that?

  • Each group of vehicles has different types of vehicles. For this reason we cannot guarantee you a specific type of vehicle, but a group, i.e. the size of the vehicle.

What are additional services?

  • These are additional services that you can use during vehicle rental, such as cross border, additional driver, GPS, children's seat, etc.

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